Printing techniques

Entrust us with your printing requirements and we will choose the technique best suited to your needs.


Digital printing


Digital printing allows for the printing of documents in colours in small batches. It is also the perfect choice to customize your documents because every copy can be different. We then work with variable data coming from your database.


Offset printing


Offset printing is the most widely used technique when it comes to printing in large numbers or in large format. It allows for the printing of all kinds of documents in several colours (four colours) or in specific colours: the Pantone colours we specialize in.


Letterpress printing


Letterpress printing, after having been the queen of Gutenberg until the 60s-70s, is hardly ever used any more. We still letterpress print some thick, very small media or for specific models and when it comes to creating effects on printing (embossing, letter-press, die cutting,…)